MoVe and Be - Let's th sunshine in your heart

MoVe and Be - Let's th sunshine in your heart

même chose si vous aimez les winx club et aussi si vous aimez la trance goa


Which countries removed trans rights?

Even with this progress, 2023 saw regression in Slovakia. This is due to inconsistent requirements for legal gender recognition, and a new bill threatens to outlaw it entirely. Despite its new law, Spain also lost a point for introducing a restrictive age limit on legal gender recognition. Many EU Member States are also failing to meet their obligations to trans people. Eight still do not provide explicit asylum protection in the law– Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania – in violation of EU law. Further, all countries except Malta require a mental health diagnosis to access trans-specific healthcare. This is also required in 28 countries to change ID documents. Only Iceland and Germany provide full legal gender recognition for nonbinary people. Denmark and Malta offer partial recognition.

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